Left Cort Our group focus on the future of the upcoming generation in today’s competitive environment. Right Cort
Home away from home is now very important and hotels are part of life where you get comfort and relax with your family.
We help in finding and booking cheap price accommodation with high quality of service in friendly environment. There you get all the facilities like Jim, spa, yoga centre, friendly restaurants, summing pools, and transport facilities.

Our group help in organising events for large and small events with transforming the shape of event according to your dream. It includes highly qualified, advanced IT facilities.

Our bpssuns group also help in following section for hospitality business.
Developing plans
As the generation is of business today and there in nothing without developing plan for anything before you start. Our services help in building your any thought in running business from small to big projects. We sit and consult with you in according to your way with adding our experiences and facilities to it. So if you are thinking anything big or small then it better time to contact us before someone jump into similar plan.

Our services will also helps in budgeting and making your plan success within the budget we or you decide with our service team. However this is a crucial part for any business thinker for planning for project within the budget. So let us plan for you for you better future business plan.
Small business like restaurants is on the flow and easy to budget within your limit. Our BPSSUNS group will take you and will design your restaurant structure including its all amenities like kitchen, bar, sitting plan with all advance facilities. Our services will also include designing menu. Its seems better and fast for many customers because we take your problems and give you solution. So let plan for your upcoming leading restaurant.

When it comes to events then every sons and daughters says let’s call BPSSUNS for the event planning because our event planners are one of the best planners for events that you have never seen before with high technology, natural feelings. We plan for events like conferences, marriages, birthday’s parties, and college parties other family festivals.

Our events team has infinite options for keeping you and your guests happy so we are.
Help needed people and poor.
BPSSUNS runs social works under the name of Skyrise Foundation. main objective is to help needed people and poor.